April 19, 2018

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AASA Expresses Concern Around Changes to Public Charge Rule

The Trump administration is proposing changes to what programs immigration caseworkers must consider when determining whether immigrants and their children (often U.S. citizens) can use. Currently, this only includes cash assistance (TANF, SSI, state cash aid). The draft proposal makes sweeping changes, including adding SNAP and CHIP to the list of programs that must be considered. This would force immigrant families to choose between their legal immigration status and their children's access to food and health care. The draft rule also eliminates the school lunch/breakfast program from the list of programs they are explicitly not allowed to consider. This leaves the school lunch/breakfast program in a gray area, where parents would be concerned about signing their children up for these critical programs.

AASA sent a letter expressing our concerns for the students in schools across the nation who would be negatively impacted if this rule were to go into effect.