September 5, 2017

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AASA Leads CHIP Funding Extension Letter

Today, AASA led a letter on behalf of the 35 national organizations who belong to the Save Medicaid in the Schools Coalition, expressing our support for a full, clean extension of funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for five years at current funding levels. We are writing to Congress because if CHIP is not appropriately expedient and robustly funded then every child educated in public school districts will be harmed.

More than half of the nearly nine million children served by CHIP are eligible to receive services in school through their state Medicaid programs. Fifteen states exclusively use CHIP funds to extend their Medicaid programs, meaning all children who qualify for CHIP receive identical services and benefits as their traditional Medicaid-counterparts. In most states a substantial portion of children served by CHIP receive Medicaid services and benefits protections.  If Congress does not act quickly to extend funding for these children’s healthcare then school districts will lose funding for the critical health services these children receive that ensure they are healthy enough to learn. 

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