January 31, 2018

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Coalition Letter Asks: Where's the ESSA Homework Gap Report?

Among other things, ESSA included language requiring reports on a handful of topics. Three in particular are of interest to AASA:


  • A report looking at rural education and the role of USED in assuring rural opportunity and the unique needs of rural schools/communities
  • A report looking at the ESSA Title I formula and how it's weighting constructs do (or do not) truly meet the goal of ensuring dollars are allocated equitably, with greater dollars flowing to areas of greater need
  • A report looking at the homework gap, or the frequency with which students lack internet access at home

All three of these reports were due in June of 2017, 18 months after the bill was signed into law. As of today, ony the rural report has been released, and even that one was six months late.

To that end, AASA was pleased to be one of 20 national organizations signing a joint letter to the director of the Institute of Education Sciences asking about the status of the report. Read the letter.


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