AASA and 900 Community Organizations Urge Congress to Extend U.S. Census Collection Efforts

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AASA and 900 Community Organizations Urge Congress to Extend U.S. Census Collection Efforts

Last week, AASA and a group of community organizations sent a letter to Senate leadership requesting language that mandates the U.S. Census Bureau to extend the reporting deadlines for the 2020 Census by four months, be included, as part of the next COVID-19 Relief Package. At issue here is the White House's recent decision to require the Bureau to complete critical operations – like Non-Response Follow Up (NRFU) in which census officials visit more than 30 percent of households that have not responded on their own to collect information in person – by the statutorily required deadline of  December 31, 2020.

 Earlier this year, the pandemic forced the U.S. Census Bureau to delay operations that ensure an accurate count. Currently, only approximately 63 percent of households have responded to the survey, the Census Bureau reports. Moreover, significant portions of the nation are behind their 2010 response rates, according to data from the Center for Urban Research at the City University of New York.

 As we have previously highlighted on the Blog, AASA firmly maintains that ensuring an accurate count on the 2020 Census is imperative for accurately allocating billions of dollars for critical federal school funding programs like Title I, IDEA, and the school nutrition programs. As such, we were proud to join this allied effort and hold Congress accountable for ensuring that the decennial enumeration of the U.S. Census is conducted responsibly and delivers reliable data about our nation’s changing socioeconomic and demographic characteristics. You can check out more details about this issue clicking this article by our friends at Education Week.

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