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 We’re in a state of ongoing crisis. But on the other side of recovery comes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for reinvention towards more equitable, 21st century student experiences. How can you leverage this moment — including the opportunities of ARP funding — to create the conditions for sustainable, equitable innovation in your district?

We can help you quiet the noise, find your people, and keep your spark alive.


Dates: January – October 2022

Location: Virtual & Face-to-Face

Registration Fee (per team):
   Nonmember Price: $17,500
   AASA Member Discounted Price: $16,500

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Application Deadline: December 2, 2021


About the Roads to Reinvention Action Network

We hear from superintendents around the country that you’re excited by the opportunity ahead and also worried about ensuring the teaching and learning initiatives you implement and the funds you spend are impactful for teaching and learning.  
This action network will help you succeed by enriching ‘the soil’ that successful innovations need to flourish. That soil is strengthened through intentional, effective change management which is too often neglected when designing and implementing programs and initiatives.  

Who Should Participate?

AASA and Transcend invite school systems to apply to engage in a process of advancing learner-centered, equitable and innovative education systems by joining the 2022 Roads to Reinvention Action Network.
Participants should engage as a team of up to three individuals (superintendent plus two key team members). 
Read about the Roads to Reinvention Cohort 1 (2020-21) here


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What Will I Learn?

The AASA + Transcend Roads to Reinvention Action Network will bring together thoughtful, intentional leaders from across the nation (superintendent plus two key members of their team) to create strong conditions for sustainable, equitable innovation in their districts by: 


  • Focusing on one key initiative your district is already working on that impacts student learning experiences
  • Exploring how to strengthen that initiative via Leaps for 21st Century Learning
  • Assessing the Conditions for Innovation around that initiative 
  • Strengthening the highest leverage condition so that the initiative can take root and flourish 

  • To create better, more equitable outcomes for students 
  • In partnership with 4-6 other similar districts working on a similar initiative (your Initiative Group) 
  • In community with a larger cohort of 15 districts also working on building conditions for sustainable innovation (the Community Group) 

Why Participate?

The benefits of becoming part of the action network include:
  • Personalized coaching for your district 
  • Concierge services that match your district with others working on similar initiative 
  • Easy-to-access virtual convenings 
  • One face-to-face gathering at AASA’s National Conference on Education (travel support for three district staff included, and registration to NCE for the superintendent included)  
  • Access to a broad range of research-based best-in-class tools and materials 
  • Transcend conditions survey and a customized dashboard that enables you to assess conditions for innovation in your district 
  • The opportunity to have your district’s work featured nationally by AASA and Transcend  

 R2R_QuoteThe conditions instrument is the beginning point for all of us around the nation to say where do we want to begin for reinvention, to meet our own needs in our own context. It’s absolutely been the highlight of our year.
— Michael Duncan, superintendent, Pike County Public Schools, GA, 
Georgia State 2021 Superintendent of the Year,
AASA + Transcend Roads to Reinvention Cohort 1 (2020-21) 

Program Dates & Details

Program Duration: January – October 2022
The network will meet both face-to-face and virtually.


Individualized Virtual Coaching Session

Each team will receive an individual virtual coaching session with AASA + Transcend.

We’ll get to know each other, learn about your needs, narrow down the focus of our work together to a single initiative whose success you want to focus on, and set initial goals for what success will look like.

You’ll also receive the learning material that supports your Road to Reinvention. It includes easy-to-use resources summarizing the latest research on the science of learning development as applied to classrooms, as well as actionable, research-based information on the conditions that enable innovation to succeed.

  February Virtual Whole Group Gathering

The entire network will gather twice to learn more about each other, discover common interests and goals, and explore the learning materials together. We’ll meet virtually on February 2nd. You will meet as a full network and in your small group with the folks whose work is closest to yours.

In-Person Whole and Small Group Gatherings at the National Conference on Education

On February 16th, we’ll meet in-person in Nashville, Tenn. the day before AASA’s National Conference on Education (NCE) begins. Our meeting will be held from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. and the superintendent plus two team members will receive a travel stipend of $400 per person, hotel accommodations for one-night and food and beverage while we’re together.

The superintendent will also receive a complimentary registration to NCE.

You’ll leave the NCE pre-meeting with a clear action plan for the next stage of your journey, implementing the Conditions Assessment.

 March-April Individualized Virtual Coaching Sessions:
Discovering the Conditions Around Your Initiative and Implementing Your Action Plan 

As you learn more about the conditions of innovation around your chosen initiative, AASA + Transcend will be supporting your team via an individual virtual coaching session when you need it.

We will also be sharing a customized dashboard that allows you to see the data in real time, as well as disaggregate it to learn more about strengths and gaps.

 May Small Group Virtual Sessions: Exploring Reinvention

We’ll be gathering virtually in our small groups to make sense of the data from your Conditions Assessment. Each team will share their initial findings and get feedback from the other small group teams.

Together, you’ll interpret what you see, explore commonalities as well as differences, brainstorm promising next steps, and update your action plans with the next steps.

What might you do differently to improve the condition you’ve decided to focus on? You’ll meet leaders who have already been on this journey to get inspired and learn how they move forward at this juncture.
June - August Individualized Virtual Coaching Sessions:
Building Out Your Reinvention Experiment

AASA and Transcend will support your team in 1-2 individualized coaching sessions (as needed) to help you set goals for, plan, and/or launch your experiment.
September Virtual Whole Group Gathering: Showcase Your Reinvention

We’ll convene virtually as an entire network on September 22 so we can celebrate each others’ work as we enter the '22-23 school year.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is December 2, 2021. Space is limited to 15 teams. Apply now to secure your spot.




Registration Fee Per Team (up to three participants from the same district)


 Nonmember Price: $17,500
AASA Member Discounted Price: $16,500          

Not a member? Join Now to save $1,000!

Registration fee will be due upon acceptance.


Please contact Bryan Joffe at


In Partnership with Transcend

This program is being held in partnership with Transcend. Transcend is a national non-profit that supports communities to create and spread extraordinary, equitable learning environments. They have partnered over 200 schools and 50 systems across the country, including the Texas Education Agency, Lindsay Unified School District (CA), and many others. Learn more about Transcend’s work with district leaders here