Additional Resources

Joanna Christodoulou suggests these books and articles for learning more about applying the research on multiple intelligences in schools.

• Becoming a Multiple Intelligences School by Thomas R. Hoerr, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,

• Multiple Intelligences: Best Ideas From Research and Practice by Mindy Kornhaber, Edward Fierros and Shirley Veenema, Allyn & Bacon,

• Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice by Howard Gardner, Basic Books,

• Multiple Intelligences Around the World by Jie-Qi Chen, Seana Moran and Howard Gardner (forthcoming), Jossey-Bass,

• Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom by Thomas Armstrong, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,

“The Theory of Multiple Intelligences” by Scott Seider and Howard Gardner, in Psychology of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia, Thomson Gale,