Proposed Title IX Regulations Template and Comments

Ready to submit your comments on the new proposed Title IX regulations?
We've created this guide for the process. Please review before submitting your comments. We've also created this Title IX Template Letter for you to sign and submit along with your comments.

Step 0: Click here to go to the webpage to submit your comments on the Title IX NPRM. Make sure the link you have opened and are submitting comments to has this title above:


Step 1:
Begin typing your comments on the newly proposed Title IX regulations. We encourage you to include what you see as an improvement to the NPRM as well as what you think may be challenging to implement. Then, select your comment category, or who you are/represent (i.e. School Administrator, LEA, Tribal Organization, etc.) from the drop-down menu.

Step 2:
Attach any additional files you would like to add to your comments. You can include written letters, district/state data, etc. Here again is our Title IX Template Letter that we created for your convenience to sign and submit.

Please title your additional documents as "Attachment1_<insert title of document>, Attachment2_<insert title of document>" and onward with no spaces in between.

This standardized file naming convention will help the Department reviewers distinguish your submitted attachments and aid in the comment review process.Title_IX_comment_screenshot4

Step 3:
Enter your email address and fill out the "Tell us about yourself!" portion of the comments form. You can submit your comments as an individual, on behalf of your district or anonymously.


Step 4:
Click on the "Submit Comment" button at the bottom.

Ready to leave a comment? Check out the webpage to submit your comments on the Title IX NPRM here.

Questions? Please reach out to Sasha Pudelski, AASA Director of Advocacy at