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AASA Children's Programs On the Road: Smallest School District Has Significant Impact on Students

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In mid-March, members of AASA Children’s Programs Department boarded a train to New Jersey to see how Breakfast in the Classroom is being implemented in Clayton Public Schools, the smallest participating school district with 1450 students in three schools. 

Clayton Public Schools offers a wide array of food options for their students.

 The Breakfast in the Classroom program serves 80% of the districts’ students’ breakfast each morning. Before the program began in 2015, only 16% of the elementary school students were served breakfast.

“I’d be devastated if the program was taken away next year,” said one fifth grade teacher. “I love how it helps my students start school off on the right foot.”


 Breakfast in the Classroom helps students start the day off happy, healthy and ready to learn!

Superintendent David Lindenmuth, of Clayton Public schools, paved the way for a Breakfast in the Classroom program in their elementary school. Before receiving the grant from AASA he often talked the school board about the program, which helped get people comfortable with the idea. Once the district received the school breakfast grant from AASA he assigned a district-level administrator as a liaison with the school food services team to communicate and listen to all employees in the schools from teachers to custodians.

Superintendent Lindenmuth’s leadership combined with the excellent communication among staff paid off. The implementation of the school breakfast program went smoothly and there’s been only positive feedback from the parents and the school community.

 School Breakfast in Action at Clayton Public Schools

 Beyond the elementary schools, the district serves fresh, delicious smoothies made of yogurt and fresh fruit to their middle and high school students!  

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 AASA Children's Programs On the Road: School Breakfast