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Coalition To Support Grieving Students Mini Articles: Grief Triggers

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 Dr, Tom Demaria, National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement, develops a number of topical articles on bereavement for the Coalition to Support Grieving Students.

 AASA has joined other professional organizations that represent K-12 educators in an unified effort to address the lack of support for grieving students, forming The Coalition to Support Grieving Students. A primary objective of the Coalition is to effectively address and remedy the gap between an educator's desire and an educator's ability to help grieving students. Learn more.

 In March 2016, the articles focused on supporting grieving children by being informed about grief triggers. Grief triggers are sudden reminders of a person who has died. They elicit powerful emotional responses in grieving children. They are especially common in the first few months after a death, but may occur at any time. Read the Grief Articles here.

See our Mini-Article Library to help support your grieving students.

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