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AASA members are the chief public education advocates in their districts. They advance equity in their school systems and champion children's causes in their communities and at the national level. As education leaders, AASA members set the pace for academic achievement. They help shape policy, oversee its implementation and represent school districts to the public at large.

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AASA GOALS FOR 2019-2020

Educational Equity

Continue AASA's commitment to educational equity by supporting school leaders to remove systemic barriers, address inequities in outcomes and provide robust access to opportunities so that all children may succeed.


Continue to serve as the leading voice for the nation's public school leaders, including explicit support to address the unique opportunities and obstacles facing rural school system leaders.

Premier Professional Development and Networking

Support and engage superintendents and other educational leaders in advancing system and school innovation to improve and transform student learning and build a pipeline of future educational leaders.

Membership Benefits Overview

Since 1865, school system leaders have joined AASA for professional support and development, information and news, networking and representation at the federal level; membership dues help support the AASA mission to advance public education for children. AASA supports all school system leaders through broad work on advocacy and circulation of the flagship magazine for superintendents, School Administrator.

The Membership Department continues to make communication more effective and efficient through a shift to electronic communication and smaller, customized print pieces. The categories for small districts and associates, at approximately half the dues of a full "Active" member, have grown quickly and will be communicated more heavily through state associations. Active Members of AASA receive a variety of benefits and services worth more than $3,200. All AASA members benefit from the information, advocacy and networking opportunities offered by the association:


AASA represents the voice of school system leaders to the federal government. AASA engages its members in advocacy efforts, which includes timely updates and analysis to explain the nuance and impact of complex federal issues.

Legal Support Program

AASA eligible members receive up to $20,000 ($2,000 for every year of continuous membership, with a maximum of 10 years) and is available for those in the AASA Active and Small-School District Leader Membership Categories.

Professional Liability Program

Active Members are eligible for $1 million ($2 million optional) in extra professional protection.

Leadership Network

AASA has more than 150 years of experience providing superintendents and other district leaders with professional networking opportunities that grow and enhance their leadership skills.

Conferences and Meetings

AASA conferences, meetings and digital webcasts provide school system leaders with knowledge and professional development opportunities. The association’s premier event is the annual National Conference on Education.

National Recognition Opportunities

AASA awards and scholarship programs recognize excellence, profile best practices in public education and honor leaders from inside and outside the field of educational administration whose contributions have made a significant impact on the lives and learning of children.

Educational Exchange Program

The program provides AASA members opportunities to create new professional relationships with their Chinese counterparts, learn from one another and share ideas and best practices.

School Solutions Center

The AASA School Solutions Center provides school districts with powerful products, services and resources to reduce costs and improve student performance.

Career Support

The online Job Bulletin provides members with career resources and new employment opportunities specifically for school system leaders and provides a site where members can list job openings.

AASA Websites

AASA maintains more than 14 websites which feature members-only resources and interactive tools to engage school leaders.


AASA members receive discounts on hundreds of professional publications co-published by AASA and Rowman & Littlefield.


AASA produces electronic and print publications that provide news, analysis and timely information related to the interests, needs and daily work of school system leaders.


For more information on any of these benefits, please contact us at (or or 703-528-0700.

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AASA Serves All School Administrators

AASA members range from chief executive officers, superintendents and senior level school administrators to cabinet members, professors and aspiring school system leaders.

Superintendents/Interim Superintendents


Assistant Superintendents


Directors or Assistant Directors


Other Administrators

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Children’s Programs Department Initiatives

The Children’s Programs Department centers on work that drives systems change and increases equity across a range of areas that impacts children’s education and the work of educational leaders.

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Policy and Advocacy

AASA continues to provide the Administration, Congress, the U.S. Department of Education and the media with information describing the impact of federal funding on school districts, as well as the negative impacts related to a federal agenda focused on the privatization of federal education funding.

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Leadership Network

The AASA Leadership Network supports school system leaders as they work to ensure the highest quality public education for all students. We engage with our members through leadership programs to provide the skills, knowledge and dispositions needed to effectively lead school districts in this still emerging 21st century.

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Communications, Marketing and Technology

The Communications and Marketing Department of AASA creates and manages all platforms of internal and external communications on behalf of the organization, members, partners and key education stakeholders.

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Meetings and Awards

AASA awards and scholarship programs recognize excellence, profile best practices in public education and honor leaders from inside and outside the education field whose contributions have made a significant impact on the lives and learning of children.

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AASA Educational Exchange Program

AASA’s educational exchange program allows members to build professional relationships with education organizations and schools in China. Part of AASA's goal is to connect American educators with their global counterparts, especially educators in fast-developing countries.

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For more information download the AASA 2020 Annual Report here.

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