AASA & NSBA Resolution Hits More Than 175 Signatures in Less Than 48 Hours!

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Earlier this week, AASA and NSBA joined forces, releasing a joint resolution calling for regulatory relief for the nation's school districts before the 2011-12 school year.

Nearly 200 individuals/school districts/organizations from 34 states have already signed the resolution in less than 48 hours. Join the cause!

•Sign the online petition
•Print off an editable version of the resolution and adopt it in your school district.

Also this week, AASA released the eleventh study in its Economic Impact Series. The newest report, focused on projecting job cuts for the 2011-12 school year, found that as many as 227,000 education jobs are on the chopping block. The anticipated job cuts are quite high, and mirror the perfect storm facing school districts: continued fiscal belt-tightening at the state/local level, cessation of ARRA and EduJobs funds, and actual and anticipated cuts in annual federal education appropriations for the FY11 and FY12 school year.

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