Urban Superintendents Academy


The Urban Superintendents Academy is a cross-institutional partnership that offers a dynamic approach to urban superintendent preparation and certification. AASA, The School Superintendents Association, has launched distinct partnerships with Howard University and the University of Southern California to bolster the effectiveness of school district leadership in our nation’s urban areas.

Urban Superintendents Academy: AASA Certification Application  

The uniqueness of these programs is that it offers opportunities for educational leaders to become involved in a network of support, mentoring, and professional development related to the challenges and opportunities facing the 21st century urban leader. To ensure participants are fully equipped for the challenges and opportunities of urban superintendent positions, the Urban Superintendents Academy welcomes all applicants yet will focus on underrepresented groups.

The national program’s goal is to prepare superintendents for the demands of the urban environment and to address the reality that less than 5 percent of our nation’s superintendents are persons of color. Specific goals applicable to both the Howard and USC programs are:

• Prepare for and successfully acquire a position as an urban superintendent.

• Delineate and apply key skills of 21st century leadership.

• Address critical problems and issues facing all urban superintendents today in a strategic and creative way.

• Deal effectively and creatively with community relations and politics in the urban setting.

• Use a range of 21st century facilitative skills to deal with organizational politics and relationship building in the urban school system.

• Become a strategic leader who consistently demonstrates critical reasoning, problem solving and creativity.

• Learn how to effectively work with the board of education.

“AASA is pleased to serve as the umbrella organization for our Urban Superintendents Academy, an initiative that forges partnerships with two significant historical universities working for a common cause. Minority children need champions. The resources generated by USC and Howard will be invaluable as we prepare aspiring superintendents for urban environments.” – Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, AASA.



For more information, contact Mort Sherman, AASA associate executive director, leadership services and awards at msherman@aasa.org or Bernadine Futrell, director, awards and collaborations at bfutrell@aasa.org.