Book Reviews

Setting Up and Facilitating Student-Centered Classrooms

Sandra J. Phifer, an assistant professor at the Metro State College of Denver, has created an excellent resource for the soon-to-be teacher, the novice teacher or the veteran teacher who wants the classroom to become student-centered. Setting Up and Facilitating Student-Centered Classrooms provides numerous examples of how educators can actively involve students and parents in the learning process.

Phifer believes the role of the teacher in a student-centered environment is to act as a facilitator, and she provides plenty of hands-on activities to fulfill that role.

This book cites research on how students learn differently and how to translate this work into classroom practice. Forms are provided for setting schedules, teaching rules and procedures and for planning units and activities. One of the book’s strengths is the section devoted to making lesson plans.

Phifer also provides plenty of assistance to teachers who might be having problems with classroom management. Sections of the book are devoted to cooperative learning exercises and raising student motivation. Most of what’s presented is tried and true.

(Setting Up and Facilitating Student-Centered Classrooms by Sandra J. Phifer, Scarecrow Education, Lanham, Md., 2002, 136 pp., $29.95 softcover)