AASA Appropriations Update: Letters of Support

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As the budget and appropriations process gets under way, there is always a flurry of letter writing. Groups organize sign-on letters, addressed to appropriators, highlighting priority programs. Members of Congress circulate 'Dear Colleague' letters, looking for support for key programs, also addressed to appropriators. AASA is regularly involved in letters that prioritize investment in Title I, IDEA, Impact Aid and education technology.

Related to these letters, I have two items I want to share with you:

Education Technology: This year, our group sign on letter for education technology is open to state-level associations. Please share this information with your state association for consideration. This letter supports funding for the Enhancing Education Through Technology program at $200 million for FY16, the same amount requested in the Administration's FY16 budget. The letter will be sent to both the Senate and House Labor, HHS and Education Subcommittees. Please reply to hgoldmann@iste.org and ally@jbernsteinstrategy.com by March 24 if your organization would like to be listed on the letter.

IDEA Funding: Rep. Jared Huffman's office is coordinating a Dear Colleague letter for FY16 IDEA funding. The letter is being supported by Reps. Huffman, Scott, McKinley, VanHollen, Reichert, Walz, Gibson, Engel and Hanna. All signatures are due COB 3/23/15, and we can help round up some more names. See the hyperlink in the first line of this paragraph for the full text of the cover letter and the Dear Colleague letter itself. Please take 5 minutes to call your Representative and urge them to sign this letter.

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