Leading Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

AASA's new initiative is a national effort to accelerate school and district Social Emotional Learning (SEL) awareness, action and impact, with support from the Chan Zuckerberg initiative. Momentum for SEL has grown exponentially over the last several years and has truly turned into a global movement to improve education and life outcomes for youth and adults. Today, demand for SEL from states and school districts is at an all-time high, a growing body of research is generating more knowledge and receptivity than ever before, and thousands of scholars and educators have found common ground in advancing SEL.

Inaugural Social and Emotional Learning Cohort Meeting Kicks Off in Nashville

The AASA Social and Emotional Learning Cohort is holding its first meeting in Nashville, Tenn., bringing dozens of educators from across the country together for this historic event.

Leading Social and Emotional Learning is a ground breaking Initiative designed to accelerate superintendent SEL leadership.


The AASA Social Emotional Learning Cohort is a vibrant community engaged in meaningful dialogue about how SEL is contributing to the whole child—from physical and mental health to the development of fundamental, lifelong learning skills. The cohort is presented in partnership with AASA, CZI, Panorama, Right At School and Move this World. To join the cohort, apply at https://www.aasa.org/application-SEL.aspx.

AASA National SEL Summit

Join AASA, The School Superintendents Association on Sunday, October 13, 2019, for a half – day event with educational leaders from across the country to explore the role of leaders in advancing SEL in schools across the country. Register here.

  • When: October 13, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Where: The Embassy Suites Hotel, 1900 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, VA 22314
  • Cost: $150 for non-SEL cohort members.

AASA Superintendents’ SEL Toolkit

Recognizing the importance and unique needs of superintendents and senior district leaders in a districtwide systemic SEL implementation, AASA is developing a Superintendents’ SEL Toolkit that will offer guidance and resources to shape a district’s SEL vision, communicate a strong commitment, and align district organizational structures and resources to sustain high-quality SEL implementation. As the SEL toolkit evolves, we will provide updated information.


AASA SEL Resource Library

The Resource Library is designed to provide current, relevant resources that provide practical solutions, contents and information on Social and Emotional Learning. As the SEL Initiative gains momentum, we will continue collecting additional research to support this important cause. Cohort members, login to access the SEL resources.

Join the SEL Discussion

Welcome to the Leading Social and Emotional Learning Facebook group webpage.. We hope this tool will allow you to connect with your colleagues in a whole new way and share winning strategies and ideas, engage with colleagues across the nation (or right next door) and grow personal and professional learning communities.

Contact AASA SEL Team

We're looking for like-minded leaders who are innovators and risk takers in the field of SEL. No one can argue this is one of the most critical issues in public education. If you think you can make a positive contribution to this new effort please contact us 703.875.0706 or CZI@aasa.org.


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  Latest SEL News  

Is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) a District-Wide Concern?
Social and emotional learning is happening in every classroom and on every playground in every school district, no matter what the leaders in those districts are doing, or not doing. This is because, according to a commonly held definition, SEL is “the process of learning to integrate thinking, feeling and behaving in order to become aware of the self and of others, make responsible decisions and manage behaviors.”

Inaugural Social and Emotional Learning Cohort Meeting Kicks Off in Nashville
Groundbreaking Initiative Designed to Meet the Needs of the ‘Whole Child’
"This conversation didn't start last year or in 1970 when I became a teacher," said Mort Sherman, AASA associate executive director, leadership network, before a packed audience. "It's an ongoing conversation because we care about kids."

AASA Launches Social and Emotional Learning Cohort
“In keeping with our successful model of developing leadership cohorts of superintendents and their teams to focus on specific areas, this new cohort is certain to make a long-lasting impact on our nation’s public education landscape,” said Daniel A. Domenech, AASA executive director.

An Evolution in Nashville
"I'm here because academics is one of the wings of responsibilities as educators but the other wing is the social-emotional well-being of our students," said Dennis Pauli, superintendent, Edgerton (Wis.) School District. "That way, all students will have both wings to fly."

Extras, School Administrator, September 2018 Issue

This short video features Traci Davis, former superintendent of Nevada’s Washoe County Schools, a district where social-emotional learning is a major systemwide strategy for raising academic achievement and the graduation rate. The September issue of AASA’s School Administrator magazine examines SEL and how it is being applied in some schools to make them developmentally healthy places.

For more information, visit the School Administrator, September 2018 issue online.

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