February 5, 2020

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NCE is 1 Week Away- Check Out the Policy Sessions

If you're joining us in sunny San Diego next week we have a great line up of federal policy sessions for you to sink your teeth into. 

Looking for the perfect strategy for maximizing your intake of policy issues? Try starting your day off at 9 am with AASA's federal education update where attendees will get updated on all of the latest policy issues, and a look into what's coming down the pipeline in 2020. At noon, political enthusiasts can attend the Federal Relations luncheon to devour the latest data on federal elections and public opinion polling focused on hotbed educational issues like class size, parental involvement, and teacher pay. Finally, attendees can top off the day at 3 pm with a discussion on vouchers lead by me. 

On Friday, February 14 attendees can kick off their day at 8 am to learn the importance of counting all children in the Census and the impact a successful count (or an unsuccessful one) could have on district finances for the next ten years. Then check out the Why Rural Matters 2019 session at 12:45 to see the latest state-by-state data regarding rural education issues. Attendees can then close out the day with a session on the AASA 2020 State of the Superintendency Report at 3:45 pm, where Chris will be doing a deep dive into the results of the 2020 Decennial Survey and discussing the educational trends that are most affecting superintendents.

Looking to burn off some energy this conference? Noelle will lead you through the second “Officially Unofficial Fun Run” at 6:30 a.m. Friday, Feb. 15, open to all fitness levels and paces. Find details here!

And if you want all the session details in our place check out this nifty flyer