WEBINAR OPPORTUNITIES: Managing Resources Effectively in a Time of COVID-19

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WEBINAR OPPORTUNITIES: Managing Resources Effectively in a Time of COVID-19

AASA’s advocacy team is pleased to share this webinar series, focusing on how districts can manage resources in response to the COVID pandemic and the resulting economic downturn. These webinar opportunities are offered by our friends at WestEd.


Every day there is a new bundle of headlines about the devastating impact of the coronavirus on some aspect of American life. In recent weeks, more and more of those headlines foreshadow the economic and financial implications for the country, including public schools. And, there is truth in the growing and potentially severe consequences that this public health crisis will have on school district budgets. Precipitated by historical unemployment claims, rapidly declining consumer spending, the vast majority of the country’s economy slowed to a halt. The forecasts for state revenue availability in the upcoming fiscal year are increasingly grim with each passing day.


Join finance experts from WestEd for a Spring 2020 webinar series that will unpack more deeply the implications of these headlines on school district/charter budgets in the upcoming fiscal year. The series will explore the unique features of this potential economic recession, how it may impact the state and local education response, and how other funding sources such as the federal CARES Act can help. Experts will also offer concrete, practical advice for practitioners to navigate some of the vital decision-making that will be necessary to ensure that school systems are able to remain focused on supporting students and still balance their budgets.


Managing Resources Effectively in Response to COVID-19

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 21, 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific

The webinar will provide an overview of the economic and fiscal impact of COVID-19 on education budgets and of the allowable uses of CARES Act funding and highlight key fiscal considerations for education resources, including ensuring continuity of service and directing funds to those students with the greatest need. Register


Resource Planning for Students with Disabilities through the COVID-19 Pandemic: Balancing Legal Obligations and Available Resources to Maintain Student Progress

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 28, 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific


Maintaining the provision of a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) through the COVID-19 pandemic and related school closures has challenged many school systems. In addition, districts are faced with complex fiscal requirements attached to federal and state funding for special education including maintenance of effort and excess cost requirements. This webinar will: provide guidance on how to manage resource identification and allocation to ensure the needs of students with disabilities are appropriately addressed while balancing the need to meet legal requirements and highlight opportunities to maximize resources to improve outcomes for all students, including students with disabilities. Register

Blending and Braiding Funds to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 on the Most Vulnerable Students
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 5, 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific


The students most likely to experience academic slide due to COVID-19 school closures are students who are eligible for services under multiple programs including federal Title and IDEA funds, and state funds set aside for vulnerable populations. Blending and braiding these and other funding streams is a strategy to more effectively leverage multiple funding streams toward a common goal to supporting students with the greatest need. The webinar will: define and provide parameters for allowable uses of blending and braiding strategies for multiple federal, state, and local funding streams to support programs or initiatives aimed at mitigating the impact of COVID-19 and highlight key opportunities for blending and braiding recovery funding provided under the CARES Act to optimize the use of these funds to support students and close gaps created by COVID-19 school closures. Register



Please join us!  There will be opportunities for further follow-up offered, such as PLCs with WestEd finance consultation regarding response planning, facilitated peer-to-peer sharing of information and strategies.

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