AASA Advocacy Round Up: All Things COVID (3 of 4)

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AASA Advocacy Round Up: All Things COVID (3 of 4)

In an effort to provide a thorough yet succinct overview of all things COVID and federal policy, AASA’s advocacy team is happy to share a series of three blog posts. The blog posts each have a different focus:

  • Blog Post One: COVID Background and Timeline
  • Blog Post Two: Congressional Action to Date (including details of education-specific funding and supports)
  • Blog Post Three: COVID resources for district leaders (LONG list of federal guidance and Q&As, related articles, supporting documents and more)
  • Blog Post Four: COVID resources (quick list of relevant blog posts from AASA blog, link to AASA’s list of COVID-related webinars)  


  • AASA’s COVID Resources  HERE
  • CDC Landing page for guidance for schools/child care programs  HERE
  • US Education Department
    • COVID landing page HERE
    • FactSheet on Compensation, Travel and Conference Costs HERE
    • Guidance Documents Related to Perkins CTE: Two different Q&A documents related to Perkins CTE, here and here.
    • CARES Act information
  • Tracking COVID Waivers
  • State Level Runs of CARES Funding: The Congressional Research Service shared a report detailing approximate allocations for each state as it relates to the CARES Act Education Stabilization Fund.
  • Student Privacy During the COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
  • Meeting Students’ Nutritional Needs During a Pandemic: A Resource for School Superintendents WORD
  • Considerations for Special Education Administrators LINK
  • Mapping Resource Equity, Segregation, and COVID-19 Incidence Rates: EdBuild has updated its Dividing Lines dataset and mapping tool to place county-level coronavirus incidence rates in context of data on student poverty, racial demographics, and per pupil school district revenue.
  • COVID-19 State Legislative Responses: The National Conference of State Legislatures is tracking all education-related legislation introduced in statehouses nationwide. This tool allows you to sort by state to see what state legislators have introduced to respond to the current crisis. The majority of state bills, to this point, deal with state education appropriations
State and Local Responses to COVID: Sharing a great resource for helping track and compare what governments are doing at the city, county, and state level to combat the coronavirus and COVID-19.

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