The AASA Leadership Network drives superintendent success, innovation and growth, shaping the future of public education while preparing students for what’s next. We are the largest, most diverse network of superintendents in America. Passionate and committed, we connect educational leaders to the professional learning, leadership development, relationships and partnerships they need to ensure a long career of impact.


    AASA’s Leadership Network Engagement Lifecycle serves superintendents and other district leaders as they PREPARE, CERTIFY, LEARN, INNOVATE and COLLABORATE. The Leadership Network fuels superintendent impact at individual, district and global education levels across five key entry points. Members can tap services as they Prepare for leadership, as they earn Certification, as they Learn and grow in content and interest areas, as they Innovate in their districts, and as they Collaborate with knowledgeable, experienced peers. The Leadership Network is designed to equip district leaders, aspiring superintendents and superintendents throughout their leadership lifecycle by offering outlets for driving innovation, publishing, thought leadership, research and collaboration.

AASA 2022 Leadership Network Programs FLYER (PDF)

AASA membership is foundational to accessing the services of the Leadership Network. Membership can be obtained by visiting or bundled with services you choose.

The AASA Leadership Network provides programs to equip aspiring administrators with skills and knowledge for success as district leaders, tapping experienced educators as mentors and critical friends. PREPARE serves as a gateway to programs in CERTIFY, LEARN and INNOVATE.

AASA offers the only superintendent certification program backed by the nation’s largest, most diverse network of superintendents. CERTIFY candidates are mentored by experienced superintendents. CERTIFY graduates go on to engage in professional learning consortia tied to LEARN and INNOVATE.

The Leadership Network offers targeted collaborative and professional learning opportunities that deepen mindshare attuned to interest areas and discreet contexts. Colleagues share challenges and problems of practice, experiences and strategies. LEARN programs spark INNOVATE initiatives, intense sessions to COLLABORATE, and even research and publishing opportunities for members.

AASA’s INNOVATE programs facilitate active engagement in key areas of interest that address challenges in districts. Members identify ways to scale and sustain innovation in their schools as they apply theories and methods in their districts. INNOVATE members often become thought leaders in these interest areas, leading to publishing opportunities in COLLABORATE.

The Leadership Network serves as a gateway to partnerships with superintendents, school districts, government organizations, institutions of higher education and business partners, which are designed to meet critical needs, drive change and innovation, produce action research, and improve outcomes for students.

Network News: Volume 1, Edition 1


Volume 1, Edition 1

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 "Our goal is to bottle the spirit of collegiality, professionalism, support, caring, friendship, growth, and reflection that are pervasive in every cohort, academy, and thought leader group in the AASA Leadership Network ..."
Mort Sherman, Associate Executive Director, Leadership Network

In this Issue


IMPACT: Individual, District

AASA’s Leadership Network CERTIFY program represents the nation’s only on-the-job preparation for early career chief executives backed by the nation’s largest, most diverse network of superintendents.



IMPACT: Individual, District, Global

The Leadership Network represents a large array of targeted collaborative and professional learning opportunities to deepen mindshare attuned to the discreet contexts and challenges that superintendents face.



IMPACT: Individual, District, Global

AASA’s Leadership Network facilitates programs that actively innovate in public school classrooms in ways that make a direct impact on districts. Collectively, INNOVATE programs drive improvement in public education overall by combining promising practices with proven strategies and by gathering like-minded superintendents and other district leaders to examine problems of practice together.



IMPACT: Individual, District

AASA’s Leadership Network proactively partners with experienced and knowledgeable superintendents to become mentors for district leaders throughout their leadership journey. COLLABORATE programs work with superintendents, district leaders, government organizations and institutions of higher education to develop custom initiatives to meet critical needs, drive change and innovation, produce published research, and better meet student needs.


To become a mentor, develop a custom initiative or to learn more, contact Mort Sherman at
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